Welcome to Natural Path Sanctuary

A Green Cemetery near Madison, WI

nps-signNatural Path Sanctuary is a nature preserve burial ground also known as a green cemetery. Located near Madison, Wisconsin, it is the first cemetery in Dane County, Wisconsin that exclusively follows natural/green burial practices—no embalming, no vaults and only biodegradable containers and shrouds are allowed. It offers a natural and traditional alternative to modern-day burials

Set amidst 25 acres of woods and meadows on the Farley Center land, the Natural Path Sanctuary is a way to preserve the natural beauty in perpetuity. As you walk the wooded paths among those who are buried here, the fullness of life balances the sorrow of death. Family/friends of the deceased and others in search of meditative quiet, are welcome to enjoy the peace, tranquility and beauty of the Natural Path Sanctuary burial grounds during daytime hours.


Linda Farley never wanted a fancy funeral or tombstone, preferring to be returned to the earth to contribute to the ongoing cycle of life. On June 11, 2009, she was buried by her family on the edge of her woods. They followed the tradition of one of her African children, where families help each other prepare the site. This experience was so meaningful that the family wanted to offer this healing opportunity to others. The idea of creating a “Savor a Life and Feed a Tree Burial Ground”, an ecologically sustainable natural cemetery, was set into motion. Today the Natural Path Sanctuary, a green cemetery lies within the nature preserve at the Linda & Gene Farley Center for Peace Justice and Sustainability. Learn more about the Farley Center.

The Natural Path Sanctuary was opened in June 2011 as a nature preserve burial ground/cemetery with an educational component that is focused on promoting sustainable end-of-life care choices and burial practices. This burial ground offers natural burial practices as an alternative to modern-day burials, becoming the first green cemetery in Dane County and one of only a few in the country.


The Natural Path Sanctuary serves two purposes – providing a natural burial grounds and supporting the Farley Center. The Natural Path Sanctuary is the only green burial grounds in the world helping support a farm incubator and peace and justice initiatives. Your legacy donation will go towards continuing the values and activities of the Farley Center. As in your life, and your death, the work continues on a local and global level to make the world a more just, equitable world not for just some of us but for all of us. Your legacy donation helps us continue our Farley Center mission.