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Amy Hartsough
Board Member

Amy Hartsough is a Madison, WI native. She grew up at Madison Friends Meeting, where Linda and Gene Farley were a meaningful part of her childhood. Amy has had the pleasure of singing at the Farley Center Feast in the Fields the past two years. Through those evenings, she learned about the Natural Path Sanctuary, some of the agricultural programing, and the variety of social justice groups that the Farley Center hosts and supports. Amy is very passionate about the Natural Path Sanctuary, because of her work as a musician for many funerals and celebrations of life, during which she learns so much about the community. Music is Amy's way of communicating with and experiencing the world around her (food being a close 2nd!). She and her fiancé Dennis are about to begin their 3rd year as a part of the FairShare CSA Coalition, where some Farley Center farmers also sell their delicious goods. Amy is excited to be a part of the Board, learning, creating, and spreading the word about the beautiful place and people of the Farley Center!